I, like many before me in today’s modern world, have taken on far too many projects to make any meaningful progress on any one of them. It’s a trap that I’m sure many have fallen into, and a trap that I hope to spend the next few months digging out of. I’m reducing my focus back to my basics:

The start block of a game board.
A game piece sits at the start of a game board. Pexels.com

  • Programming and I will attempt to reign in my focus back to Web Development;
  • Writing, both my short stories and ghost-writing of articles for others;
  • Health, by returning to eating properly and following through with plenty of diet and exercise.

I had thought of attempting to refocus myself closer to the new year, but I felt that if I made it about being a New Year’s resolution, there is an absolute zero percent chance that I will follow through. Rather than a gimmicky promise to myself, I’ve decided to take the time to make the decision my own, and approach it at my own pace.

I share this today, not because I hope that every visitor to my blog reads this and are fascinated, but rather so that when looking back over my accomplishments in the next year, I can see that on February 5th, 2020, I declared that I was ready to start again.

Here’s to new beginnings!



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