Be Comfortable with Variables

Variables Declared on a Monitor

  I’ll never forget a walk I took back to my car from an immunology class I took in university. The parking lot was down this long sloping pathway down to what was affectionately known as the pit. Along the way, you would be walking with a variety of other students who happen to be … Read more

How To Begin Learning to Program

Computer monitors and glasses.

Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels. Computer Monitors and glasses.  The more I learn about programming, the more I realize that no one out there has truly mastered it. Much like meditation, drawing, or cooking, you can never truly attain mastery, but you can fine-tune your skills, and become extremely proficient at what you’ve practiced. … Read more

Purchasing a New iPhone Charging Cable

The iPhone charging cable that comes with your new iPhone is shiny, white, wrapped neatly, and probably most important to you of all, made specifically for the phone that came with it in the box! The peace of mind that comes with having the proper cable for your device cannot be overstated, and when it … Read more

Finally Getting Back To It

The start block of a game board.

I, like many before me in today’s modern world, have taken on far too many projects to make any meaningful progress on any one of them. It’s a trap that I’m sure many have fallen into, and a trap that I hope to spend the next few months digging out of. I’m reducing my focus … Read more

Another Status Update, With a Twist

So I’m ready to get back to some regular updates over here. I have been participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter and today was day 46. Not in and of itself special but…! Today I received my second certificate from FreeCodeCamp! Patrick Fluke’s Javascript Certification Sure, I know this doesn’t mean anything in the … Read more


They’re still coming! I swear! Things have been a little busy on my end in the last little while, we’ve had a couple of situations in our lives that have kept me somewhat occupied. In addition to that, I decided that I would participate in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. At first, I was skeptical … Read more