A Week Full of New Adventure

My son and I snowboarding

This has been an exciting week. Actually, it’s been an exciting month. This month I began a new project, TopLevelFinds.com. This website is to be a destination for affiliate marketers, freelancers, and more to learn the ins and outs of making money online. The website is WordPress based as is usually the case with me, … Read more

It’s Been A While

Unfortunately, as with many bloggers, life happened and I took a step back. I’ve been running two other blogs, now linked from my Websites page, and this blog took a bit of a back seat. I have however come to value this blog as my personal home page and will be continuing to discuss my … Read more

Get Started With YouTube For Free

Modern Workplace with Gadgets

Hundreds of thousands of views. Reaching thousands of followers. Getting your voice heard. Rolling in the advertising dollars. The dream of becoming a successful YouTuber has been most of our minds at one point or another. Then reality hits. I need to buy a camera. I need to purchase sound effects, audio and video editing … Read more

Why You Should Learn As Much As You Can About Excel

Why Learn About Excel Excel is ubiquitous in modern office spaces around the world. There are alternatives, of course, but by and large, you can find Excel almost anywhere, on any operating system. When you decide to learn about Excel, you are making a career decision that will help you in ways you can’t even … Read more

The Fall of Orion

The mighty ship had defended Earth from the onslaught but found itself too damaged to continue in its service. As the remainder of the armada continued and eventually won the day, the Orion, which had decimated the incoming force, found itself floating, it’s crew evacuating as quickly as they could. The victory was only possible … Read more

Be Comfortable with Variables

Variables Declared on a Monitor

  I’ll never forget a walk I took back to my car from an immunology class I took in university. The parking lot was down this long sloping pathway down to what was affectionately known as the pit. Along the way, you would be walking with a variety of other students who happen to be … Read more

How To Begin Learning to Program

Computer monitors and glasses.

Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels. Computer Monitors and glasses.  The more I learn about programming, the more I realize that no one out there has truly mastered it. Much like meditation, drawing, or cooking, you can never truly attain mastery, but you can fine-tune your skills, and become extremely proficient at what you’ve practiced. … Read more