Get Started With YouTube For Free

Hundreds of thousands of views.

Reaching thousands of followers.

Getting your voice heard.

Rolling in the advertising dollars.

The dream of becoming a successful YouTuber has been most of our minds at one point or another. Then reality hits. I need to buy a camera. I need to purchase sound effects, audio and video editing software and more. There’s so much that I don’t have. Then you’ll let the dream settle, and it’s gone, all the while YouTubers around the world continue to live that dream.

Get Started With YouTube for Free

Do you have a smartphone?

Does it have a camera?

Do you have a computer that you can use to edit your videos?

If so, then I hate to break it to you. You’ve put this off for nothing. You have everything you need to start your YouTubing career. Below I’ll share with you some of the best tools available so you can get started with YouTube for free! No more wondering about what could have been. Stop putting off your goals and get to it!

Don’t worry, all of these tools are either open-source, not for profit, or just available for free. These links are NOT affiliate links.

Video Editing – OpenShot from

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is a free video editing suite that is available on Windows, Linux, or Mac. All the features you’ll need to work like the pros, but you’ll spend absolutely nothing. It’s easy to use, but you still will want to take some time to get used to how everything works.

You’ll be able to add watermarks, visualize audio files, use the keyframe and animation editors as well as chop up your clips to make everything flow perfectly. OpenShot is everything you’ll need on the video editing front.

You can even create professional-looking Title slides that render using another of my favourite free programs, Blender. If you’ve got a knack for building 3D models in Blender, incorporating renders of them into your video could take you to whole new levels. I am only covering what you need in this document, however.

Download now at

Sound Editing – Audacity from


So you’ve got the video covered, well what about the sound? Using Audacity, you’ll be able to do everything the pros can, without taking a hit to the wallet. Open source, and again cross-platform, no matter what kind of computer you’re running, Audacity can help you with all of your audio production needs!

You can use Audacity for recording in various sound qualities. You can export into a variety of formats, and plugin support lets you customize your installation so that you can work however you need.

Download now at

Screen Recording – OBS Studio from

Are you working on tutorials that you can show your user what you’re doing while you’re doing it on the computer? Maybe you’re streaming your gaming sessions? It doesn’t overly matter. What matters is that OBS Studio can help you with all of it.

Sponsored by big names like Twitch and NVidia, OBS Studio can get you up and running in no time at all.

Download now at

Stock Photos –

I know what you’re thinking. I have everything I need now to prepare my videos. I’m ready to go!

But wait! There’s so much more to video production than just recording yourself and throwing it online. Stock photos can add to the professionalism and look of your videos. Further, they have some stock videos as well.

The Pexels License spells out pretty clearly what you can expect from their site. However, please keep in mind that Pexels do have some advertisements blended with their downloadable stock that show stock photos from other paid sites.

Browse Now.

Are You Ready to Get Started With YouTube for Free?

I hope you are because you have everything you need to make it big. Take your idea and go with it. You can make it happen with hard work and consistency. 

Once your video is ready, head on over to and sign in with your Google Account. Here is where you’ll upload your videos and your story begins.

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