How to Add an SSL Certificate to your Website Using ZeroSSL

Greetings folks, and welcome to another tutorial! If you have any real estate up in the inter webs, you’ve likely heard of, or you really should have heard of protecting your visitors with an SSL certificate. This certificate authenticates traffic from your website so that your visitors can be sure that it has not been […]

Another Status Update, With a Twist

So I’m ready to get back to some regular updates over here. I have been participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter and today was day 46. Not in and of itself special but…! Today I received my second certificate from FreeCodeCamp! Patrick Fluke’s Javascript Certification Sure, I know this doesn’t mean anything in the […]

First Contact Going Exactly as Expected

Logistics Officer Samuel sat amazed as they made their final approach towards the planet. So much like Earth. So much like home. We’ve shared everything with them, they’ve shared everything with us, our communications have been frequent and fruitful. Now, we finally get to meet them! Read more on Reddit!

How to add an Account to Microsoft Outlook (Mac OS)

Welcome back! So you’ve downloaded Microsoft Outlook, and booted it up and realized that you have no idea how to add your account to the program? Or maybe you have one account added but you’re looking to add your second e-mail account to the platform. In either event, I’ve got you covered! Follow these steps […]

How to Add a Signature in Microsoft Outlook (Mac OS)

If you find that you are constantly manually adding your name to the end of your messages, or simply forgetting to sign them at all, then this is the tutorial for you. In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to set up your signature in Microsoft Outlook. First Method To begin, obviously open Microsoft […]