A Week Full of New Adventure

My son and I snowboarding last weekend.

This has been an exciting week. Actually, it’s been an exciting month. This month I began a new project, TopLevelFinds.com. This website is to be a destination for affiliate marketers, freelancers, and more to learn the ins and outs of making money online. The website is WordPress based as is usually the case with me, though I do have some work to do to get the plugins working just right. Further, I’m in the process of building a plugin for ad display as I’m not quite happy with what is available on the market at the moment. Something lightweight, that I can use to serve ads based on categories in the positions I want. More on that later I suppose. I digress, work on TopLevelFinds.com has been exciting, to say the least. I’ve never built a site that works in such a way as an aggregator of information, alongside developing long-form content for my readers.

YourGameToday.com continues to attract visitors although traffic has slowed down considerably. The site had been paying for its own hosting fees through affiliate links with Unity 3D, however, I’ve slowed content creation on that site while I determine its new direction. I’m unhappy sharing what amount to basically really targeted sales pitches for assets, and I want to expand into another territory. I’d like for YourGameToday.com to become more of a source of tutorials, methodology, and thought experiments to help people along in their game development journey than it is now. I’ve got some things in the pipe but content creation for YourGameToday.com probably won’t ramp back up until the launch of TopLevelFinds.com is complete and it’s traffic sources have begun to normalize.

As I indicated above, I’m building a WordPress plugin for ad deployment, and when that’s done you’ll probably see the Games page of this site renamed to games and programs, or maybe just programs. I’ll list it there with some pictures and such. I’m unsure if I’ll be releasing it to the public, even less sure if I should be selling it though my wife has suggested I always downplay how useful the things I create are so perhaps that could be one possible route.

Regardless, exciting times for me and my projects. I hope you continue to stick around while I build up my little web network.

Thanks for reading!

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