Purchasing a New iPhone Charging Cable

The iPhone charging cable that comes with your new iPhone is shiny, white, wrapped neatly, and probably most important to you of all, made specifically for the phone that came with it in the box! The peace of mind that comes with having the proper cable for your device cannot be overstated, and when it begins to fail, you may be surprised to find out what is available on the market as a replacement.

Apple iPhone Charging Cable

The most obvious choice of replacement cable would be to choose one from Apple themselves. This is, of course, a viable option if you don’t mind the premium price. A one-meter cable from Apple will run you around $25.00. It is at this point that I decided it would be best to search for alternatives.


Amazon Basics iPhone Charging Cable

The Amazon Basics products are exceptional, and I found that the iPhone charging cables they provide are no exception. Of course, when you are perusing their reviews you will find the odd one that failed rapidly, but so far with the ones I’ve purchased I have had no issues whatsoever.



Anker iPhone Charging Cables

Another brand that I trust to source iPhone charging cables is Anker. Also, cheaper than Apple, but perhaps not quite as cheap as Amazon basics, they provide a quality product that lasted me for quite a while. I have two children that are rather rough on the cords, and this cord held up like a trooper!



When I first went to purchase replacement cables, I had a difficult time sifting through the various cables available online. I found these cables to be reliable, and hope that you find luck with them as well! Have a great night!



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