Prequel to Oblivion and Tea

Oblivion and Tea was my first attempt to write something for public consumption. Though I often find myself responding to writing prompts on Reddit (Like this fun one about aliens the other day) I never figured I would all-out try to stand on my own as an author. I was and am thrilled by the feedback I’ve gotten regarding my first public attempt!


Something I did notice though was that Oblivion and Tea left a lot of questions, and readers who communicated with me after the fact often had similar questions. I think this is to be expected when it comes to short stories, but it made me realize that I wanted to share the rest of the story. Hence, the prequel was born.


There’s not much I’m ready to share yet, because it’s a process that takes time, but I hope those of you that have read Oblivion and Tea are ready for the grand adventure that was the creation of those marvelous ships!

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