Another Status Update, With a Twist

So I’m ready to get back to some regular updates over here. I have been participating in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter and today was day 46. Not in and of itself special but…!

Today I received my second certificate from FreeCodeCamp!

Patrick Fluke’s Javascript Certification

Sure, I know this doesn’t mean anything in the real world of jobs and such, and my B.Sc. Biochemistry really should bring me more joy. But honestly I worked hard at this, and this is the direction I really feel my life is headed.

Apart from FreeCodeCamp, I have also begun to complete challenges on in both JavaScript and Swift. I’ll expand that to include Java and C++ before long. I want to ensure I don’t forget things I knew and keep building on the things that I am learning.

Thanks for taking the time to let me brag a little bit, and share a bit about where my head is!

To view my public portfolio on FreeCodeCamp, click here!

To view some of my solutions and comments on what I learned, check out my JavaScript Challenges repo on GitHub!

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