They’re still coming! I swear!

Things have been a little busy on my end in the last little while, we’ve had a couple of situations in our lives that have kept me somewhat occupied. In addition to that, I decided that I would participate in the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. At first, I was skeptical that I’d even follow through, but it seemed like a good idea, and it had been a long time since I had worked with HTML and CSS, and a lot of people were using FreeCodeCamp with that as the first unit! It seemed like such a good idea, and worst-case scenario I lose a couple of days.

Now, my strengths are with VBA, Swift, and C. I started the course on HTML, and I got hooked. Here I am 25 days later, working through the JavaScript course, and already coming up on my second certification from them. Yeah, I know they aren’t “real” certifications, but they represent learning that was in fact very real. In fact, I am already starting to notice that I am incorporating tricks that I learned into my everyday coding. I’d say that’s a win for 25 days in.

In fact, I’ve learned so much, I’m almost finished with building my mother a custom WordPress Template for her website (I’ll share when she’s posted it), and I think it’s time to admit that pre-built websites aren’t going to work for me anymore. I love using the WordPress platform, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it’s full-featured, but a custom theme is a must, and I am going to build some sections of this site from the ground up. I’ll keep you posted on plans as they are formed.

Thanks for reading! Now, if you guys have any suggestions for things you’d like tutorials on, let me know in the comments!

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